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Social Media Marketing Delhi

Social Media Marketing has established itself as one of the most effective elements of digital branding and business development processes in the recent past. Apart from bringing immense brand exposure, this cost-effective tool also acts as the most uncomplicated and easily accessible communication channel for businesses.

No wonder SMM is a substantial part of every online marketing strategy, owing to the presence of a larger chunk of the business audience and the availability of highly sophisticated communication tools through all social channels. Talking about the possibilities of instantly creating visual and readable content, social media channels are way faster mediums of broadcast than any other web presence. Anyone not incorporating SMM in their digital propagation initiatives is missing out on phenomenal business gains.

At Technoment Digital, our SMM initiatives translate into information relay on all the prominent social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and many others to enhance the online visibility of your business and its offerings. Meticulously integrated technology-driven tools and smart digital marketing strategies make sure that the voice of your business is heard across the wide spectrum of potential clientele and crosses the geographical borders too.

Here is what our refined SMM process constitutes:

Competitor Analysis

A thorough, well-researched and detailed competitor analysis forms the very basis of our absolute SMM strategy that we device for your business. We put in the required research and find out how directly your competitors are claiming the share of your business in the market. With this critical aid in place, we establish the course of social media activities that can place your products or services in the market with a visible distinction. To bring out the uniqueness we incorporate the feat that your competitors are far off from. This edge enables us to play up the attributes of your business to attract the potential clientele to you.

Customized Social Calendar

Not one strategy fits all. Each business propagates at an individual speed through a unique set of social media activities. This remains our mantra and hence we put thoughtful deliberations in place, keeping in view the nature and audience of your business. Thus, we plan well in advance and prepare a highly customized activity calendar, specific to your business and marketing needs abiding by high traffic timings. All the calendar activities and content creations are sent to you for prior approvals.

Platform Identification and Community Building

Various social media platforms cater to varied communities of people. Depending upon the voice and target audience of your business, we choose and prioritize social media publishing to facilitate a methodical SMM strategy. It helps to identify useful and business specific channels because your brand needs to be identified as a unique proposition and not just another entity in the crowd. We understand the importance of unique web presence and its gains and hence believe in building loyal communities for you.

Creative Approach and Original Designs

We understand that in the pool of content already flowing on social media, unique, quality and eye-catchy designs are what make one stand apart. With a team of skilled designers, creators, videographers, animators and writers onboard, we bring out the interesting elements of your business offerings through originally created, striking visuals and text. This also helps to put in place your business’s customized and copyrighted library of content which can be recycled at different stages of online marketing strategies.

Strategy Beyond Publishing

While publishingthe specifically curated content on various social media channels remains at the forefront of our SMM initiatives; we have also devised various other ways to monitor and enhance the posting process. Our expert SMM team makes sure that each content piece is bookmarked across the web to enhance the visibility of content pieces and to facilitate the link building process adequately. Each post published on the web carries a distinct branding of your business, to register the brand on people’s conscious, successfully.

Corporate Communication Techniques

We become the official mouthpiece of your business across social media channels, making sure that each word sent out and each visual published creates a positive brand image. We also manage the one-to-onecommunication sources, vis a vis client messages, testimonials and business reviews, and notify you of any comment and remark that calls for immediate attention and business specific action. We take pride in being an extended departmental resource of your enterprise and not just an outsourced agency.

Analysis and Reporting

The end results of the entire SMM strategy that we put in place for you are monitored and compiled in customized reports. These reports are created on the basis of big data pools and social media analytics figures accumulated from individual social platforms. This helps us to gauge the effect of our activities across demographics and enables us to reinvent and deploy enhanced strategy if the need be. We make sure we share the detailed analysis reports in a summarized manner with you to understand the end results and identify key takeaways.

Influencer Marketing

In thiscompetitive business world driven by celebrity endorsements, our influencer marketing tools help to elevate your business many notches up. This innovative hybrid of content based marketing and celebrity backing works remarkably well when it comes to gaining magnetism and momentum. Our strategized, well-planned and budgeted IM activities integrated with well-timed email campaigning pull the traffic towards your business.

Why Us ?

Here is a quick run through the edges that we serve to you that makes us an SMM agency of your choice:

  • We offer absolute SMM consultation as per your business specific needs.
  • We ensure huge traffic growth through social media postings.
  • We help to build loyal business communities around your brand.
  • We engage the communities to your brand through meaningful and informative storytelling.
  • We incorporate influencer marketing to catch immediate business momentum.
  • We infuse life in your brand through striking visuals and video content.
  • We bring traffic to your website through effectual link building via social platforms.
  • We become instrumental in bringing convertible leads and business accounts to you.
  • We make sure you get the maximum ad clicks on social media channels.

If there is anything else you would like us to incorporate in the SMM strategy for your business to make it a top brand, reach out to us today!

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  • We started dealing with Technoment digital about a year ago and I have to say Shaifali and her team have exceeded expectations in all areas. The team is very professional and have always taken care of our needs requirements. Any hiccups we have in our business, Shaifali and the team are onto it and give us the plan of action and solution immediately. We at New choice Car Loans appreciate the hard work you guys put in, the after hour calls, the late night changes in the campaigns and most of all the ease of business with you guys. Keep up the good work!

    Kush Sharma
    Finance Broker, New Choice Car Loans
  • We were looking for an instant boost in conversions through effectively modified web presence and paid campaigns. The incredible team at Technoment Digital not only strategized a very effective lead generation campaign for us, they also suggested us to recreate our landing page to make it visibly compliant to current digital trends. This campaign brought quality leads in the numbers more than expected and that too at remarkably competitive price.
    We will be happy to recommend Technoment Digital to everyone!

    Amit Gidwani
    Director - Marketing & Communications, First Data India & ICICI Merchant Services
  • Technoment Digital implemented and very well executed digital marketing including SEO,SSM and paid campaigns for us. It was indeed a pleasure to work with Shaifali and her team. They managed for about two years and always exceeded our expectations. Right from their meticulous planning ,attention and detail, execution everything was just perfect. Will be happy to recommend Technoment Digital to all those looking out for competent and reliable Digital partners for their company.

    Sharad Jain
    Managing Director, Peachtree Home Accents Pvt Ltd
  • Thank you to the team who worked day and night and came up with a beautiful website. I have received good feedback from our entire regions that the new website looks beautiful and creative and user friendly. This website will also help us to create a base for the graphic guidelines. The colour palettes used on the website really look good and shows Udyogini’s reflection.

    Udyogini Team
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